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You engineer the technology, we’ll engineer the market.

For more than 20 years, Rainier’s technology PR programs have helped hundreds of innovators achieve real business results: technology adoption, revenue growth, brand awareness, venture funding, and exit events.

Our deep industry knowledge, exceptional strategic counsel, and deep comprehension of technologies and how people adopt them makes Rainier stand alone in telling the stories of human inventiveness.

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client testimonials

  • “Rainier’s technology background enables them to understand the competitive differentiators in our app.  Their drive and creativity throughout the entire process to launch EveryThink resulted in coverage in key media targets that drove the sale of more than 10,000 apps last year.”

    Yair Grinberg, CEO, EveryThink
  • I consider Rainier to be one of our most key strategic resources. These guys totally get it.

    John Croteau, GM of the Convergent Platforms Group , Analog Devices
  • Rainier landed us tons of meetings, maximizing our budget and increasing awareness of our brand faster than we ever expected.

    Nick Roumi, Director of Technology, Advanced Vault
  • Having Rainier as our agency is like having a secret advantage over the competition – this team brings exceptional strategic thinking to every campaign they create and execute.

    Steve Curtin, Marketing Manager, Ariel
  • Rainier is an agency with extremely high expectations of itself and of its clients – as a senior high-tech marketing executive, I have brought them with me across four different companies.

    Julia Pitlik, Senior Director of Marketing, Fujitsu Network Communications
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Artificial intelligence @Allen_Institute: @etzioni chases the "larger goal of true human-level systems" via @markoff @sckipiotech "will clearly extend telcos' options as they upgrade their fixed access networks" #gfast
Huge congratulations to our very own @JennaBeaucage @Rainierco, who SO earned her "Rising PR Star" award @PRnews
Let's make the Internet a "civilized, hospitable place where all people can be comfortable & safe" says @jennydeluxe
RT @VanessMeyer: The Best Paragraph On Content Marketing I've Read All Year - #B2BMarketing Insider #marketing #PR
The two words that kill #innovation, according to productivity & competitiveness guru @RogerLMartin, are "PROVE IT"
"Ad ecosystem needs controls," says @emorphy. Non-viewable display ads drag down viewability, drive false clicks.
Everything can be made new, different, or interesting by infusing it with extra IQ says @kevin2kelly about AI
$100m "Africapitalism" fund @TonyElumeluFDN will create economic prosperity & social wealth via startups via @CourtA