Executives: How to Increase Followers & Engagement on LinkedIn

    So you have a new company page on LinkedIn for your startup, but now what? How do you gain new followers organically? We run into this challenge all the time for our clients, so we did some research, added in our own knowledge, and came up with a list of tips that only you, the CEO, VP of Marketing or other executive at a company can do. Your PR firm can help you with them, but your engagement is like no other.

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    Going Unplugged—How Communicators Benefit by Getting Away From It All

    In the heart of last Summer’s sweltering dog days, I had a sudden premonition. I foresaw with urgent clarity that by the time February rolled around, I would be in dire need of a warm-weather vacation. This should come as no surprise to any annually embattled New Englander who knows his or her way around a thing called a “roof rake.” Bostonians fleeing the bitter cold and breathtakingly aggressive snowstorms fill JetBlue’s flights to Mexico and the Caribbean islands each Winter. With a few minutes of research and three well-placed mouse clicks, I booked flights, an Airbnb cottage, and a rental car—whatever Winter apocalypse was coming our way when the calendar flipped a few times, we’d be escaping to Barbados come February.

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    Rainier is a Gold Star in PR: Client, Agency & Individual Success, Satisfaction Put Us on Top

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    When in Rome…

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    Bell Ringer Award for Rainier's Nano Dimension Campaign

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    Medal Counts: Rainier Brings Home a Silver from the Stevie® Awards

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    Rainier Rocks Autonomous Vehicles

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    Five Trends In The Internet of Things (IoT)

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    Should You Pay to Play?

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    Rainier Takes Home a Pair of Bulldog Reporter Awards for Best-in-Class PR Campaigns

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    Rainier “Does It Right” with PR Campaign of the Year Award from Business Intelligence Group

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    Should You Hire a Public Relations Agency, or Go with In-House PR?

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    Stories of Human Invention (part 1)

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    Five Tips for Getting Noticed by Journalists on Twitter

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    How to Make the Most of Analyst Briefings

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    Twitter for B2B Campaigns: The Anatomy of a Tweet

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    Twitter: Best Practices for Tradeshows

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    B2B Tech Social Media Rules of Engagement

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    Is my PR agency talking to the right people?

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    Why PR Should Be Your Top SEO Strategy

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    7 Qualities to Look for in a B2B Tech PR Agency

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    Leveraging PR to Attract Merger and Acquisition Suitors

    Topics: Mergers and Aquisitions

    How do I know my PR agency really “gets” technology?

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    Award-Winning PR Agency:  Rainier Polishes its Trophies in 2015

    Topics: Agency

    Small PR Agency, Big Picture

    Topics: Agency

    Lessons from Tom Brady: Building back your reputation when under siege

    Topics: PR

    In a world where, “content is king” (and everywhere) how do I generate interesting topics?

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    Graffiti for the Greater Good

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    Five Tips to Maximize CES Coverage

    Topics: Tradeshow Marketing

    A Word's Agency

    Topics: Agency

    The Jetsons: Vision or Fantasy?

    Topics: Technology

    On a Mission to Create Jobs and Foster Shared Innovation

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