B2B Tech Social Media Rules of Engagement

by Marianne Sabella Dempsey on Dec 9, 2015 9:46:12 AM


When using social media for B2B tech marketing, you should keep the following guidelines in mind: 


  1. Limit the number of people who have authorship and tweeting or posting rights.
  • Never use a business account as a personal platform (politics, religion, etc.).
  • Empower qualified spokespersons to offer solutions and resolutions.
  • Always seek approval of customers prior to spotlighting.
  • Don’t trash the competition.


  • Seek to add value to each engagement –it’s not all about you. Keep your tone conversational and respond in a timely manner. Keep 4-5 standard responses about general information for every one company-specific post. Marketing-speak detracts from the personality of the brand.
  • A social media platform serves as a voice of the brand – and should always be clearly defined on purpose, mission and characteristics before implementation.
  • Disclose relationships, representation, partner/customer affiliations and intentions.
  • Stay on message. Stay on message. Stay on message.
  • Don’t share just to share – try to contribute to the brand and the position of the company as an expert.


  • Tweets should be written in the same voice regardless of the number of people tweeting.
  • Respect those you engage via social media.
  • Act transparent and human—but guided by the value propositions of your organization.
  • You need to be consistent, personable, and helpful.
  • Know whom you are speaking to and how they want to be addressed.


  • Honor copyrights – and credit people when you use their content.
  • Protect all confidential and proprietary information.
  • Represent only what you are approved to represent at that given time– don’t step outside of general guidelines without approval.
  • Interpret the context of the situation before responding.
  • And finally, what you share can and will be used against you – the Internet has a long memory.

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