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About Rainier

Real business results

Rainier delivers public relations expertise from seasoned professionals who truly understand technology and believe in the power of “defensible audacity.” Rainier’s aggressive programs have helped hundreds of companies realize successful business results, from sales growth, brand awareness, and award recognition to funding and exits. Our clients count on us for rich strategic insight and highly creative work. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, no other agency communicates B2B technologies as creatively and insightfully as Rainier.

Experienced and innovative

Rainier was founded in 1993 with the goal of building teams that fully understand and can credibly communicate the impact of technologies to industry influencers and adopters. Today, our highly experienced team of tech PR pros create and execute strategic, world-class PR campaigns that tell the stories of the vast inventiveness of the human mind.

Key media relationships

Since Rainier’s inception, we’ve witnessed and driven the dramatic evolution of PR. Still, some things will never change: well-developed relationships, compelling writing, proactive creativity and a passion for storytelling are still the defining characteristics of Rainier as a PR agency that is radically successful for its clients.

We're on your team

The Rainier team is an extension of your team. We consistently deliver on the promise of genuine partnership, setting high standards for our work and pushing ourselves to think big on behalf of our clients. No matter what the technology domain, Rainier starts from a level of comprehension that, from the big picture down to the nuanced details, is difficult for most other agencies to attain.