Our Programs

Market Engineering™

Strategy is the key difference maker in technology, not product specs. You must deliberately engineer your market and develop strategies that cause your market to behave in ways that are beneficial to your company. Rainier’s Market Engineering Program is designed to strategically transform your technologies into business success by ensuring you’re communicating precisely and impactfully in the language spoken by your market. We tailor the methodology to your specific technologies and market objectives, and conduct Competitive Influence Analysis™, messaging summits, influencer research, and SEO and content audits. The results provide a definitive roadmap for corporate branding and all forms of marketing, enforcing discipline and consistency in messaging.

SEO Auditing & Keyword Strategy

Rainier ensures that all marketing content produced for every aspect of the PR program – from press releases and contributed articles to social media posts and beyond – is optimized with keywords and phrases aligned to the prevailing search terms in the markets in which you compete. We will assess and grow your domain authority, elevating you to coveted first-page search engine results.

Tradeshows, Speaking & Awards

Rainier will help maximize the value of your industry tradeshow investment, putting your products and spokespersons squarely in the spotlight by connecting you onsite with industry influencers and securing speaking opportunities that enable you to showcase your technology leadership and business acumen. We’ll also put you in contention for industry awards and accolades that bestow high profile, third-party validation – and myriad promotional opportunities – for your unique innovations.



Rainier has vast experience in PR-adjacent marketing functions. We work with you to host messaging workshops, develop share-of-voice growth strategies, and provide website content analysis. In addition, we can assist with multimedia storyboarding, production and scripting, and help develop high-impact, attention-grabbing marketing collateral and tradeshow signage.

Crisis Communications Consulting

If and when a crisis strikes, your messaging and response time must be sharp and immediate. Rainier will help identify your crisis response team, stakeholder communication plan, and escalation framework. We’ll coach you through the crucial dos and don’ts of crisis response, and help you distill your top-line messaging to preempt and/or neutralize negative media coverage and unfavorable audience sentiment. 

Video Services

From storyboarding to post-production, Rainier develops eye-catching videos that tell your brand’s story. Rainier’s services are multi-faceted and include: video conception, production, script writing, editing, caption and title graphics, filming and post-production. Rainier has a fully equipped on-site studio with various camera links and teleprompters. Rainier helps companies conceptualize and create various types of videos, including Q&As, product interviews, whiteboard chats, chalk talks, demos and thought-leadership topics. Whether your video is hosted on YouTube, your website or various social media channels, Rainier employs the latest SEO and marketing strategies to optimize every video for maximum exposure.

Message Development

Rainier works closely with you from day one to create crisp, differentiated, resonant messaging designed to change market behavior and influence customer purchasing decisions by consistently communicating your key messages to the right target audiences. As your strategic partner, Rainier provides proactive, expert recommendations, advice and counsel at every step of your PR program, drawing on decades of high-tech marketing experience.


Press Release Development & Pitching

Knowing what the media wants, and delivering the right storyline is critical in today’s PR. Derived from our disciplined Engineering Markets Methodology, weknow precisely what to communicate and how. We’ll help identify and extract all possible value from newsworthy events with press releases and media alerts designed for maximum media saturation, commanding attention and action from the most influential media outlets – with careful optimization for social media, syndicated feeds, search engines and other digital media outlets.

Content Development & Placement

We can help tell your story, and your own content is a crucial element for cultivating thought leadership in a competitive market. Rainier knows how to write for its clients at every level – from deeply technical to consumer level, including website copy, contributed articles, video scripts, whitepapers, customer case studies, blog content, ebooks and more. We deliberately write for your specific audiences, ranging from customers/prospects, media, industry analysts, investors, targeted vertical markets and search engine algorithmsand we’ve successfully placed countless client-attributed articles in tier-one target media.

For examples of Rainier-written content, please click here

Media Training & Spokesperson Prep

Rainier tailors its media training programs to spokespersons of all levels, helping them better understand the role of analysts and media, and honing your messaging delivery for maximum impact. We review basic dos and don’ts and provide tips and techniques for interview success, exploring the interview tactics reporters typically employ, complete with roleplay and mock interviews – and we provide specific feedback that helps participants develop into trusted brand ambassadors.

Sales Enablement

Your marketing success is tightly coupled with your sales success; sales enablement is an important discipline for advancing your business goals. Rainier is unique among PR agencies for our proven ability to help clients develop channel partner programs, partner portals, lead-generation campaigns and “battle card” content that helps sales teams capitalize on your technology and marketing prowess.

Product Naming & Branding

Every marketing, branding and PR program begins with a memorable, attention-grabbing “hook” – from your product nomenclature to the unique nuances of your corporate and product branding. Many of our clients have relied on Rainier to imagine and conceive the immediately memorable names, taglines and images that set them apart in the market from day one.

Account Based Marketing

As a component marketing strategy, ABM is highly focused on a specific set of individual prospects and/or key customer accounts. Rainier helps with all the strategic elements including target identification, deep account research, personalized content creation, channel selection, campaign execution and finally, ROI and campaign efficacy measurements.

Media & Analyst Relations

Rainier builds and leverages longstanding relationships with influential journalists and bloggers – spanning technology/trade, business, and vertical market media – witha deep understanding of successful media engagement strategies and tactics. The media respond to Rainier’s outreach and content pitching because they know we only come to them with valuable material that is carefully crafted specifically for theiraudiences – the markets you need to influence to drive your business results. In parallel, we foster close engagement with respected industry analysts to secure their independent, objective advice – and their endorsements and market influence.

Social Media

Rainier’s use of social media is fully integrated into our PR programs – not carved off as an isolated task. Analysts, editors, and customers are all LinkedIn-connected and Facebook-friended bloggers, tweeters and YouTubers. Consequently, we bring our clients to wherever the conversation is taking place, and we help them say smart things to drive site traffic, leads, conversions, mentions, and revenue, with a watchful eye on new PR opportunities afforded by the latest emerging social media platforms.

Results Measurement & Reporting

Rainier employs a variety of high-precision methods to monitor your PR progress, including activity trackers, media coverage reports and executive PR reports, while simultaneously monitoring competitor and industry news. We’ll work with you to establish KPIs such as share-of-voice growth, domain authority benchmarks and SEO impact, and determine measurement metrics that demonstrate what’s working well – and uncover opportunities to improve.


Digital Advertising Strategy

While organic traffic to your website is a key marketing objective, paid traffic via advertising answers to market volatility and search engine uncertainties. Rainier helps with planning, targeting, setting up, and optimizing your ads, while helping to determine the metrics you need to watch, the offer you’ll make, and the lexicon you must use in your ad copy, with results driving the awareness, evaluation and conversion funnel.