Client Testimonials


“A successful public relations program is only as good as the strategy and execution behind it.  For the past seven years, Rainier Communications has functioned as an extension of our internal team, helping us effectively create and communicate our unique story in a complex marketplace.”

- Jessen Wehrwein, Vice President of Corporate Communications, MACOM


"I consider Rainier to be part of the team. I rely on them just like I would normal members of our team. They proactively come up with ideas, execute on campaigns, and stay on top of our PR without me having to chase them around. I really appreciate their work and we've had some great results!"

- Dan Garfield, VP of Marketing, Codefresh


“Rainier has been a great partner and a strategic, responsive and creative extension of the Velox marketing team. Through our initial product and new customer launch, multiple industry events and content development, Rainier has captured the benefits of Velox’s breakthrough technology and communicated it well.”

- Merav Sheffer, Marketing Manager, Velox

Nano Dimension

"We worked very closely with Rainier for almost five years, getting their help with public relations, brand, messaging and storytelling. From our first meetings it was clear the Rainier team was super professional. experienced, creative, passionate and results oriented. They were super-fast at grasping our needs and translating them into efficient, results-oriented marketing and PR plans. They are totally committed to their clients, and always willing to go that extra mile to help. They are the dream PR agency for every hi-tech executive seeking a professional and creative international consultancy team that is also fun to work with."

 - Galit Lipkis-Beck, Director of Marketing Communications at Nano Dimension


Data Expedition, Inc.

"Rainier brought experience and discipline to our PR process. We had no idea what we were missing."
- Seth Noble, CEO and Founder of DEI


“There’s a reason why I’ve hired Rainier for three of my start-ups. They combine five major elements together: They are brilliant strategists; they are terrific at proactive, award-winning execution; they “get” very technical businesses; and they’re nice folks to work with.  Oh, and I got about 100x the press coverage of my $40B rival on a shoe-string budget. That didn’t hurt either.”
- Michael Weissman, Co-founder and VP of Marketing of Sckipio

Analog Devices

“This is the kind of surgically precise PR every technology company hopes for from an agency. By getting our key messages in front of design engineers through this kind of media coverage, Rainier helps drive our business objectives – new design wins – in today’s growth markets.”

-John Croteau, GM of the Convergent Platforms Group at Analog Devices


"The ability to achieve sustained leadership in tech PR over two decades is no accident – Rainier is the rare PR agency that really knows how to be a true strategic partner.”

-Ariel Maislos, former president and co-founder of Anobit (acquired by Apple)

Ceragon Networks

“Rainier is a very important strategic business partner – they really understand how public relations connects to, and drives business objectives.”

-Yoel Knoll, VP of Communication at Ceragon Networks


“Rainier has the right mix of media and analyst connections, industry insight and PR skills to get us magazine covers, loads of coverage and top industry awards.”

-Mark Downing, former CEO of Enpirion


“Rainier has helped tremendously in organizing, tracking, and pitching both speaking and editorial opportunities for Fujitsu Network Communications. As the result of our work together, Fujitsu is regularly quoted in the relevant feature stories of Top Tier publications in our industry.”

-Bob Laurent, Senior Manager of Media Relations at Fujitsu Network Communications


“The personal attention we receive from Rainier is outstanding. Rainier’s dedicated team of PR professionals works with us to promote our product lines and pushes our fast-growing corporate brand, helping us reach new audiences and engage new sales leads.”

-Adi Paz, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Business Development at GigaSpaces


“Rainier’s deep experience in technology markets and strategic industry connections combined with their expert PR skills to give us exactly the articles, interviews, speaking opportunities and overall market presence we needed to become a driving force and eventually go public.”

-Shalom Daskal, Chairman of VeNotion and CEO of Emultek (e-Sim)

Advanced Vault

“We came to Rainier as a small company needing to maximize the ROI on our tight marketing budget. They led us through a surgically-precise product launch without wasting time and money getting up to speed on our technology, and the results were way beyond our expectations.”

-Nick Roumi, Director of Technology at Advanced Vault


“Until Rainier, we went through agency after agency and kept being disappointed. The others were slow to act, or talked a good game but had no execution, or simply did not understand our technologies and markets.”

-Pamela Sufi, former worldwide PR manager for Wind River


“I’ve hired numerous marketing agencies who promised me the world in developing campaigns to increase thought leadership and top-of-mind branding. Rainier actually came through on this promise!”

-Eric Odell, Vice President of Marketing for SpiritSoft


“While most other Internet consulting companies struggled to get positive media attention in the ‘post dot-com’ era, Primix secured upbeat ink through Rainier’s strong media and analyst relationships, and incredible pitching skills.”

-James Monahan, Director of Corporate Communications for Primix Solutions


“Enikia went from an unknown start-up company to a respected brand, thought leader and industry pioneer in 2 years; beating start-ups and established companies alike. Much of this long before we had a product! This simply would not have been possible without Rainier.”

-Bob Dillon, Former CEO of Enikia


“Rainier has built relationships with analysts and the trade press which have now begun to pay off in an unprecedented level of positive global coverage for DataMirror and its enterprise integration technologies.”

-Nigel Stokes, CEO of DataMirror


“Since I’ve come on board at Sprint, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Rainier team on a daily basis. I can honestly say I know that when there’s a project to be done, they’ll do it right the first time, ahead of time, and with a good attitude.”

-Teisha Van de Kop, Program Manager at Sprint Business

Texas Instruments

“We have worked with Rainier for years now. Their technology background enabled them to come up to speed with us very rapidly, and their professionalism, creativity and responsiveness have delivered results which have consistently exceeded our expectations."

-Ian McMurray, Worldwide DLP Media Relations Manager at Texas Instruments


“Steve and his team helped us crystallize our go-to-market strategies and our messaging, and then they set about aggressively executing an incredibly successful PR program for us. The results, including a breakthrough cover story in Electronic Design magazine, were phenomenal.”

-Kurt Busch, VP of Marketing for TeraCross & President of Switchcore


“The agency consistently, proactively and aggressively got us in front of the right analysts and editors, and I could always count on them to have every detail covered.”

-Peter Bernard, Chief Product Officer at Insignia Solutions


“Having Rainier as our agency is like having a secret advantage over the competition – this team brings exceptional strategic thinking to every campaign they create and execute. The results with Rainier are always an incredible return on our investment.”

-Steve Curtin, Marketing Manager at Ariel

Harris and Jeffries

“Rainier created and executed a terrific campaign!!! The agency’s work helped H&J increase its brand recognition, and get more customer attention and sales, at a time when the noise and hype was deafening in the networking industry.”

-Ethan Harris, Cofounder and Former President of Harris & Jeffries


“Rainier was incredibly effective in creating buzz for Connect One at a time when we barely even had a product. They knew exactly how to position the company as a technology leader, and how to successfully pitch us to the media.”

-Alan Singer, VP Sales and Marketing for Connect One


“Steve is an industry leader who brings clear, honest and creative thinking to every situation. He always seems to bring out the best in people, and his commitment to the success of every Rainier client is remarkably personal.”

-Dr. Amnon Aliphas, CEO & Founder of VentureOnLine, TechOnLine, and GTC Conference


“Rainier’s strategic counsel and tactical PR execution was absolutely instrumental in securing the exact kind of coverage CogniScent needed to achieve commercial success. The agency’s work directly resulted in numerous new business and investor leads.”

-Hugh Greville, CEO of CogniScent

Commex Technologies

“Rainier’s strategic counsel and tactical PR execution was absolutely instrumental in securing the exact kind of coverage CogniScent needed to achieve commercial success. The agency’s work directly resulted in numerous new business and investor leads.”

-Hugh Greville, CEO of CogniScent


“As our PR agency, Rainier was great in pushing us constantly with creative ideas and ways to synthesize media opportunities.”

-Amir Fisher, CEO at Revolver


“Working with Rainier, Oree’s market presence has quickly grown, and our visibility has become widespread throughout the relevant community of customers, partners and investors.”

-Eran Fine, CEO of Oree


“With Rainier as our agency partner, CopperGate was able to achieve the most precious of PR results – an industry-wide ‘these guys are everywhere’ perception that we were a substantial and important player in the industry.”

-Dudi Baum, VP Marketing at CopperGate Communications


“Rainier brought exceptional insight into figuring out exactly what, how and where to communicate our company’s extraordinary technology. When it comes to bringing disruptive technologies to the market, Rainier is clearly the PR agency to turn to.”

-Dani Golan, CEO of Kaminario


“Rainier’s work with us has been phenomenally effective and achieved excellent results in tough times for all. Our success with the media and analysts is a big part of our ability to sell our products.”

-Eli Efrat, CEO of Axxana