Orbotech Raises Awareness of Dominant Market Position with Product Innovation Message



Orbotech wanted to raise brand awareness among electronics product designers. Rainier helped pivot the company’s messaging to establish a new understanding that manufacturing innovations are direct drivers of product differentiation.


Using the agency’s Engineering Markets™ Methodology, Rainier worked with Orbotech to refine the company’s messaging to impress upon OEM product designers that production innovation is a key enabler for end-product success. Rainier’s program ultimately targeted a broad base of markets, application, and production technologies, including automotive, consumer, manufacturing, displays, PCBs, MEMs, flex circuits, direct imaging, automated optical inspection, and inkjet/additive printing.


  • Widespread coverage and message penetration in top-tier electronics publications
  • Publications featuring Orbotech’s new messaging included Electronic Design, EDN, EE Times, EBN, Design News, Electronic Engineering Journal, Evaluation Engineering, Solid State Technology, 3D Printing Industry, Embedded
  • NASDAQ video interview with Orbotech CEO Asher Levy



“Whether you’re familiar with Orbotech or not (I wasn’t), the company is hugely successful. It says it’s the undisputed leader in every market it serves, with 50%, and sometimes 80%, market share. That’s what you call a dominant position. Their machines touch almost every electronic device made, often several times throughout its production. And assembly workers from Silicon Valley to Singapore are very familiar with Orbotech’s blue logo on its equipment.” – Jim Turley, Electronic Engineering Journal, “Hiding In Plain Sight,” April 6, 2016