QD Vision




QD Vision developed innovative “quantum dot” semiconductor technology, branded as Color IQ™, that amps up the color spectrum of HDTVs so they can display high-definition content that matches the full color sensitivity of the human eye.

With two well established competitors already in the market, Rainier needed a campaign that could garner attention from TV manufacturers who were desperately searching for a competitive boost following what The Motley Fool called “the epic failure of 3-D TV.” Going into the campaign, QD Vision hoped TV manufacturers would bet on its “full gamut color” quantum dot capability to be the “next big thing” in the HDTV market.


Rainier developed and executed a multi-faceted campaign communicating QD Vision’s value proposition to key influencers – including media, industry analysts, VCs, manufacturers and consumers – and to create an industry-wide perception of inevitability around quantum dots, full-gamut color, & QD Vision


With television industry heavyweights like Samsung and LG teasing up quantum dot TVs at CES, QD Vision was well-positioned to catapult into the center of the media storm. Rainier capitalized on the media and analysts’ frenzied interest in quantum dots to further establish QD Vision as the “go-to” authority on the technology.



With timely pitching and aggressive outreach, Rainier achieved unprecedented results for the company before, during and after CES:

  • Increased Coverage: The number of QD Vision mentions in global news coverage increased 630% during the campaign, and the tone of coverage was overwhelmingly positive.
  • Strategic Reach: Media and analyst interest in meetings with QD Vision was up 170%
  • Share of Voice: QD Vision dominated its direct competitors in news stories about quantum dots, with 723 pieces of coverage, vs. 242 each for competitors Nanoco and Nanosys.
  • Business Objectives:QD Vision secured a $35M round of VC funding, signed agreements with multiple HDTV customers, and was in discussions with every major TV maker in the world. QD Vision has since been acquired by Samsung.



Rainier’s campaign thrust the previously unknown QD Vision into the perceived role of market leader, and in accepting a briefing meeting, Re/code’s Walt Mossberg (formerly AllThingsD at the Wall Street Journal) recognized QD Vision’s quantum dots as “one of the top five technology stories of the year.”