Sometimes B2B companies need consumer influence. Semiconductor startup Sckipio was founded to capitalize on Gfast, a new standard that lets telecommunications service providers deliver ultrafast fiber-like Internet to residential customers using existing copper wiring. To accelerate adoption of Gfast, Sckipio aimed to create market pull from broadband consumers. In a campaign staged at CES, Rainier crafted a relevance campaign linking the advent of ultra-high-definition TVs with Sckipio’s corresponding ability to deliver 4k content over high-speed Internet. 


To achieve the consumer grassroots market pull, Rainier re-cast Sckipio’s extremely techy B-to-B messaging into something that conveyed genuine value to broadband consumers – people connecting to and using the Internet for media consumption at home on a variety of devices. 

As Rainier and Sckipio worked on consumer-facing messaging for Gfast, it was determined that what consumers want most from their broadband service is both ultrafast download, plus ultrafast upload speeds due to rapid increases in user-generated video content. Rainier and Sckipio developed tangible consumer messaging, including, “At today's upload speeds, it would take the average broadband subscriber over five hours to upload a thirty-second full-resolution, GoPro 4K video to YouTube -- the same amount of time it would take to fly from Los Angeles to New York City. With the Gfast solution from Sckipio, consumers could upload the same video in 2.5 minutes – less time than it would take to brew a cup of coffee.” 

 For CES, Rainier developed a press release entitled, “Ultrafast Broadband Gaining Traction at Consumer Electronics Show; Sckipio Demonstrates 750 Mbps Upload Speed Over Twisted Pair,” and used this release to set up many pre-briefings with reporters and analysts. The release boldly stated that Gfast could deliver broadband 100 times faster than current DSL technologies. Rainier recommend issuing the release several days ahead of CES in order to break through the overwhelming CES noise. 




“In my nearly 30 years in tech, I don’t recall ever being involved in a more successful PR campaign. Gfast is now considered inevitable and imminent. Sckipio is considered the leading voice of the industry, and we have achieved a 57.5% share of voice against companies that are 5,000 times larger. No question this campaign has significantly helped us win business.” 

-Michael Weissman, Sckipio Vice President and Co-Founder