Toronto-based SOTI, Inc. suffered as a perpetual underdog – the least-visible technology leader in the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) market. Stacked with marquee competitive brands, the multibillion-dollar market is anchored by giants VMware AirWatch, Microsoft, Citrix and Blackberry. Generally perceived as a best-kept secret by favorably impressed industry analysts and influential bloggers, SOTI has been regularly featured in top-tier Canadian publications. However, the company lacked one key PR element: a cornerstone product review that would catapult SOTI into the big leagues with an objective “seal of approval.” A favorable bake-off against its big-budget, publicity-hungry competitors would affirm SOTI’s credibility, and legitimize the company as a tier-one EMM vendor despite its small stature and limited resources.


Rainier pitched and secured a product review opportunity with SOTI’s top-target technology publication, PC Magazine and conducted the following activities:

  • Identified the parameters needed to create a successful review environment for SOTI, and vetted the opportunity with freelance reviewer Paul Ferrill.
  • Handled all troubleshooting requests from the reporter and brought them to SOTI’s attention.
  • Acted as a liaison between SOTI and the reviewer, fielding more than 10 reviewer requests and questions in a timely manner.
  • Provided 24/7 support, often flagging review questions and issues during the evenings and weekends.
  • Proactively facilitated a meeting between SOTI marketing and technical support staff and the reviewer to hammer home SOTI key benefits and wrap up any loose ends near the end of the review period.


SOTI’s inclusion in the PC Magazine EMM product review resulted in company’s flagship product receiving the magazine’s coveted Editor’s Choice award, along with industry giant VMware AirWatch. The PC Magazine audience, an online-only readership of more than 19 million unique visitors per month, represents the company’s ideal target audience. The review was extremely favorable with PC Magazine stating, “SOTI MobiControl also provides the ability to manage remote printers and Windows CE devices, adding a wide range of vertical market-specific hardware to the typical stable of mobile phones and tablets. A staging capability for corporately owned devices makes it easy to fully configure the SOTI agent before issuing it to an employee. Combine all that with support for all of our targeted mobile platforms, including Windows 10 Mobile, and you've got a well-earned Editors' Choice award for this round, along with co-winner VMware.”

SOTI was so pleased with the results, the company made an investment of $50,000 to purchase the lifetime rights to use the PC Magazine review in all its email, social, customer and partner marketing.



Rainier secured a top-tier competitive review in PC Magazine for SOTI and optimized the process to ensure a best-case outcome. The review resulted in SOTI receiving the magazine’s coveted Editor’s Choice award, catapulting the company and its flagship product suite into the upper echelons of the ultra-competitive EMM industry.