Bell Ringer Award for Rainier's Nano Dimension Campaign

Rainier Communications snatched up another award win for our client work. Earlier this summer, our technology PR agency won a Bell Ringer Award for a Business to Business Launch Campaign: “Content-Continuum Strategy to Catapult a Startup from Stealth to Prominence.” The well-executed campaign launched Nano Dimension, an Israeli startup and leader in the field of 3D printed electronics, into the US business market.

Bell Ringer Awards are given to companies and firms that demonstrate a high level of expertise in their PR campaigns, yielding substantial success in their results. To pull away from the crowded market of 3D printing technology companies, the Rainier team used astute PR strategies and tactics to make the Nano Dimension launch both successful and outstanding.

Nano Dimension was the first client to benefit from Rainier’s agency-wide HubSpot certification, which extended the overall Nano Dimension communications program across the “content continuum,” as the Rainier team calls it. This addition of inbound marketing gave the Nano Dimension timely, data-driven insight into how to best to launch the company and its product in a search-engine dominated world. Nano Dimension was in the perfect position to take advantage of Rainier’s extended service offering, having retained the agency early enough in the process to develop a true strategic partnership in the development of buyer personas, key messaging, SEO strategies, and ultimately connecting across inbound content (owned media) with outbound content (earned media).

Some highlights of the launch:

  • 1:1 meetings with 16 key editors/analysts
  • Coverage in every trade publication & media outlet covering 3D printing, printed electronics
  • Use of HubSpot helped Nano Dimension compete through SEO with Blogs, eBook and a quiz to attract visitors to the website, nurture leads.
  • A redesigned, optimized website helped company executives manage, respond to and analyze extraordinary volume of leads resulting from PR campaign.
  • Website visitors were able to participate in a “readiness quiz” to determine whether ready for in-house PCB prototyping. White papers on inks, and various blog types also available.
To be noticed as a startup business in a crowded market can be a difficult accomplishment. For a company to be noticed in the business and technology world, they must have a PR team that stands up to the test to ring the bell with success!

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