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Client testimonials

Michael Weissman

Michael Weissman, SYNQY

“There’s a reason why I’ve hired Rainier for three of my start-ups. They combine five major elements together: They are brilliant strategists; they are terrific at proactive, award-winning execution; they “get” very technical businesses; and they’re nice folks to work with.  Oh, and I got about 100x the press coverage of my $40B rival on a shoe-string budget. That didn’t hurt either.”
Galit Lipkis-Beck (3)

Galit Lipkis-Beck, Nano Dimension

From our first meetings it was clear the Rainier team was super professional. experienced, creative, passionate and results oriented. They are the dream PR agency for every hi-tech executive seeking a professional and creative international consultancy team that is also fun to work with.

merav (2)

Merav Sheffer, Velox

“Rainier has been a great partner and a strategic, responsive and creative extension of the Velox marketing team. Through our initial product and new customer launch, multiple industry events and content development, Rainier has captured the benefits of Velox’s breakthrough technology and communicated it well.”

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3 emerging memory technologies that will change how you handle data

A couple of years back, IDC predicted that by 2025 the average person will interact with connected devices 4,800 times per day. Information pouring in from those sensors will fuel machine learning, language processing, and artificial intelligence, all requiring fast storage and more compute horsepower. The next generation of memory technologies will address gaps in today’s storage hierarchy, delivering data where it’s needed for real-time processing. MRAM shows promise at the edge.

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Inverters: The Unsung Hero Of The Global Emerging Energy Economy

To better understand the role of the inverter and how it adds value to the equation, I lined up a conversation with Lior Handelsman, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy and Co-Founder of Israeli-based inverter company SolarEdge. SolarEdge is one of the leading inverter companies in the world, with close to $940 million in 2018 revenues, and over 1.5 million inverters and 40 million power optimizers across 130 countries, so Handelsman knows a thing or two about inverters.

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Are IoT Security Standards Around the Corner?

Video Interview with NanoLock CEO and Co-Founder Eran Fine on securing IoT devices from cloud to flash.


Case Studies

AMS AG Logo-2

Rainier helped ams build its brand in North America by showcasing the company’s sensor technologies through award wins.

NanoDimension logo 95x39.7

Nano Dimension has appeared in every 3D printing publication.



Rainier brought Foresight from unknown startup to hot company at CES 2018.



Rainier launched Lightbits and brought the company from stealth mode to industry rock star.


Rainier helped pivot Orbotech’s messaging to establish a new understanding that manufacturing innovations are direct drivers of product differentiation. 

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