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Ariel Maislos, Anobit

"The ability to achieve sustained leadership in tech PR over two decades is no accident - Rainier is the rare PR agency that really knows how to be a true strategic partner."

John Croteau, MACOM

"I consider Rainier to be one of our most key strategic resources. These guys totally get it."

Dudi Baum, CopperGate

"With Rainier as our agency partner, CopperGate was able to achieve the most precious of PR results – an industry-wide ‘these guys are everywhere’ perception."

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Can Automakers Catch Up with Google in Driverless Cars?

Foresight Automotive, whose four-camera system, it claims, can detect obstacles in all weather conditions, regardless of whether the object has been seen before. “If an alien walks out of a UFO, we’ll detect it,” says Foresight vice president Doron Cohadier.(Article originally appeared in Financial Times)

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This Technology is Trying to Bring High-Speed Internet to Underserved Areas

Fiber optic internet cables can bring crazy-fast internet connections to everyone in the United States. Theoretically.In practice, the people who could most use a new high-speed connection -- low-income residents of both urban and rural areas -- are the ones least likely to get it.

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Are IoT Security Standards Around the Corner?

Video Interview with NanoLock CEO and Co-Founder Eran Fine on securing IoT devices from cloud to flash.


Case Studies


Rainier secured a top-tier competitive review in PC Magazine for SOTI.

NanoDimension logo 95x39.7

Nano Dimension has appeared in every 3D printing publication.



Rainier brought Foresight from unknown startup to hot company at CES 2018.



Rainier helps Sckipio shine at CES.


Rainier’s campaign thrust the previously unknown QD Vision into the perceived role of quantum dot market leader.


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