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AML Intelligence: Unravelling illicit Hawala networks with Decision Intelligence Technology

Unravelling Illicit Hawala Networks with Decision Intelligence Technology

Omer Frenkel of Cognyte explains that In the high-tech internet age, criminals frequently leave behind digital footprints that help guide law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and financial regulators to connect the dots during investigations. Ironically, it’s the low-tech crimes perpetrated offline that are typically the most puzzling for authorities. This is exemplified in the recent surge in money laundering and criminal activity facilitated via Hawala money brokers practicing a money transfer system that dates back centuries.

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Spiceworks: Using Decision Intelligence to Investigate Money Laundering

Using Decision Intelligence to Investigate Money Laundering

The modern global financial system is a money launderer’s dream and a financial investigator’s nightmare. Decision intelligence, digitization and technology can improve outcomes for AML investigations by empowering financial investigators in identifying and prosecuting money laundering networks, shares Rosa van Dam, decision intelligence platform product manager, Cognyte.