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OSP Magazine: No More Baby Steps!

No More Baby Steps!

As Bob Dylan sang, “The times they are a-changin’.” What has constituted a definition for broadband for some 15 years now has been a series of Mother-may-I steps from tens of kilobits/second speeds (aka dialup) to xDSL technologies where speeds moved to megabits and then tens of megabits per second, eventually achieving a thousandfold speed improvement.

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OSP: The Power of Reverse Power

The Power of Reverse Power

Telcos are gearing up for the hot new ultra broadband access, G.fast, which delivers up to 1 Gbps of ultra high-speed broadband access over existing copper wiring. The operators who are quickly deploying G.fast services are leveraging 3 central technologies: G.fast communications, fiber-to-the-distribution-point architectures, and reverse power feeding.

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OSP: Latency Matters!

Latency Matters!

As historical voice circuit-switched networks transitioned to today’s packet-switched networks, latency and quality of service were traded for network utilization efficiency and cost. Unfortunately, today’s ultra-time-sensitive applications cannot afford extra network latency.