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EDN: Power supply management in quantum computers

Power supply management in quantum computers

In 2016, the first quantum computers were able to be programmed from a high level user interface to run arbitrary quantum algorithms. The design architectures were small in scale, with just a handful of qubits each. Some of the big players like IBM, Google, Microsoft, as well as several start-ups have an ultimate goal to create a larger scale device of commercial viability sometime in the near future.

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TreeHugger: 48 Volts DC is the new 12 Volts DC.

48 Volts DC is the new 12 Volts DC.

Could it also be the new 120 Volts AC? ...whenever I talk about Direct Current vs Alternating current I come away singed and shocked by the comments, like my last one, where even fans noted, "This is about the most wrong article I've seen you write, Lloyd." But to this day, I do not understand why we have a system where every single light bulb now has to have a little transformer and rectifier to feed it DC, and almost everything we plug into the wall now has a transformer brick on it. Our domestic world now pretty much runs on DC.