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Ink World: Growing Direct-to-Object Printing Market Shows Inkjet’s Versatility

Growing Direct-to-Object Printing Market Shows Inkjet’s Versatility

From printing on tubes and cans to promotional items and even food, the use of direct-to-object printing is growing fast. Ink World discusses direct-to-object printing with Velox and others.

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Packaging Impressions: Packaging Decoration Goes Direct

Packaging Decoration Goes Direct

Advancement in the manufacturing world is often viewed through a lens of efficiency, as new technology makes essential process steps faster. However, in many instances, it’s the removal of steps entirely that can provide the highest-impact results. Historically, label and package printing has been a two-dimensional process, with sheets or a web passing through a press, to then be converted into three-dimensional objects. But, with the rise of direct-to-shape and direct-to-object printing becoming increasingly viable technologies, package decoration can be viewed in a whole new light.

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World Aerosols: The case for digital

The case for digital

Digital decoration technology has made the packaging industry more exciting than ever before, igniting new creative possibilities for brands, allowing more operational agility for manufacturers, and encouraging leading industry players to explore new directions. (Appears on Page 22)

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Packaging World: Is this digital printing's "holy grail'?

Is this digital printing's "holy grail'?

Direct-to-shape (DTS) digital decoration of rigid containers may have reached a breakthrough moment with the development of the IDS 250 from Israel's Velox.