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RealSecurity: Versasec joins FIDO Alliance

Versasec joins FIDO Alliance

Versasec has been involved with FIDO for many years through its partners and credential manufacturers by supporting their PKI and FIDO tokens. As FIDO’s focus shifts beyond consumer authentication to now include enterprise customers, Versasec is joining the alliance.

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HelpNetSecurity: Versasec unveils vSEC:CMS S-Series v5.4

Versasec unveils vSEC:CMS S-Series v5.4

Versasec, the leader in smart card management systems, rolled out the latest generation of its flagship identity and access management (IAM) solution. vSEC:CMS S-Series v5.4 incorporates a variety of important new features, including new console capabilities and support for Gemalto eToken 5300 and the Matica 8300 card printer.

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FierceITSecurity: Mobility poses the biggest threat to small and medium-sized firms, survey finds

Mobility poses the biggest threat to small and medium-sized firms, survey finds

Small and medium-sized companies see mobility as the technology that poses the greatest security concern for them, according to a survey released Wednesday by smart card management systems provider Versasec.Other worries included cloud usage (32 percent) and external devices/BYOD implementations (22 percent). For the survey, Versasec polled around 150 IT security pros from a range of companies, with three-quarters having 1,000 employees or fewer..

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Security: 5 Things Every Board Member Needs to Know about Security

5 Things Every Board Member Needs to Know about Security

Corporate security and cybersecurity are no longer an IT problem. A recent Gartner survey of nearly 1,000 people in large organizations found that corporate and cybersecurity have been elevated and now typically are governed by the Board of Directors.  In fact, Gartner’s results showed 71 percent of respondents saying IT risk management data influences decisions at the board level and reflects an increasing need to deal with IT as part of corporate governance. So how do board members educate themselves on the key points of securing a company’s corporate assets? .

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SecurityInfoWatch: Thwarting NFC virtual pickpockets

Thwarting NFC virtual pickpockets

It’s the end of a long week in New York. A weary securities industry executive is riding the elevator down from the 57th floor to head home, her purse slung over her shoulder. On the 54th floor, another woman boards an elevator. As the car fills at subsequent stops, the women are crowded together. When their purses touch, the executive has no idea the corporate identity badge she uses to access her office is being hacked, although it’s never left her handbag. Later that weekend, the woman from the 54th floor gains access to the 57th floor simply by using her phone with the stolen credentials at the entryway card reader.